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Jul. 11th, 2016 10:07 pm
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Yeesh, I have to stop doing this - I'm thinking of adding a few more one-shots in the same AU as Black Tie. Tentative title: *The Trust Fund Babies* AU. Or maybe *One-Percenters*, or *Noblesse Oblige* or something where everything is crazy and melodramatic and scandalous and everyone is independantly wealthy.

...That's my backstory for Black Tie, by the way.

In case you were wondering where the smut came from :3 Kylo/Ben grew up a trust fund baby, because the Organa-Solos are rich as fuck thanks to Leia's adopted parents being almost-royal. Leia herself is a political demon, (think Frank Underwood, but with a conscience and actual PLANS for when she gets to the top of the world) and Han is her 'new money' love match (they really love each other, their courtship was very 'Days of Our Lives Meets Gossip Girl'). They are one hell of a power couple.

Kylo spent his childhood in super-exclusive prep and boarding schools, so he kinda lives in a bubble...until he gets together with Rey. They actually went to the same high school, but she was a scrappy poor kid on a full scholarship (and a day student, not boarding) so they were basically natural enemies. BUT THEN after college they meet at a tech convention, Kylo's mellowed out a bit, and Rey is kicking ass (and cleans up nicely). Kylo pursues her rather aggressively (because he's really not used to people saying 'No'), but eventually she goes out with him, and they actually hit it off.

BUT THEN after they've been serious for about a year Rey meets Luke at an Organa-Solo family function. She'd run into him briefly when she was a teenager in prep school, because he tutored part time in the library - she did too, for extra cash. And because this is a soap-opera-y AU the chemistry is instantaneous.

Ok, fuck it, it's the Noblesse Oblige AU.




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