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Welcome to my writing journal! Frankly I've noticed that I've been having a lot of chats about writing stuff...So I've decided to start to throw some of my more extensive/epic thoughts in here so I can get my urge to write giant authors notes out of my system ^_^ This post will be sitting on top for awhile, in classic blogger 'read this first' fashion.

I'll be tagging by story.

Current Fic List

This list references the multi-chaptered things, and stories that I discuss in this blog. Not everything I write is here - see my AO3 account for that.

The series The Rule of Two:
Rey/Palpatine | Darth Sidious
Rey stumbles across one of Palpatine's clones, still viable in a cloning cylinder. Palpatine takes over the body. After a time, she asks him to teach her the ways of the Force. All fics are rated E for adult themes, violence, and sex.
Based on this prompt from the tfa kink meme.

Series fics:

Edge of Night: Sidious' perspective
Edge of Night Pinterest Board
Note: Also on Fanfiction.net, albeit a little censored due to rating restrictions.


Counting Days: Rey's perspective, WIP
Counting Days Pinterest Board
Note: Also on Fanfiction.net


Indulge: Rey and Sidious indulging themselves both pre and post-TFA, because let's face it, there's not a lot of fun to be had on Jakku, and Sidious developed some expensive tastes when he had the galaxy on a string.
Indulge Pinterest Board.


The series Keeping Up Appearances

AU where Anakin, Padmé, and Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious have a torrid affair in the last days of the Republic.

Includes Inappropriate Use of the Force (so, so much), political, emotional, and sexual intrigue, The Dark Side, and a peek at the oft-mentioned but seldom-seen corruption and decadence of the Old Republic.

All the fics in the series are rated 'E' for explicit, or 'NC-17' if you use the 'movie' system.

It has a plot now, too!

Chronological order:

Eye of the Storm -- Complete
Aggressive Negotiations -- WIP
Not What It Looks Like -- WIP, not posted yet
Skip to the End -- TBD

Pinterest Board


You, Me, Ice Cream, and a Bicycle :
Rey/Luke, Modern AU
Multi-chaptered WIP
YMICB Pinterest Board
Rating: M for adult themes, references to emotional abuse, and Rey learning to live again after said abuse.
Notes: Based on this prompt. This is also posted to Fanfiction.net.


Valve Lash:
Modern AU: College
Multi-chaptered WIP
Valve Lash Pinterest Board
Rating: E for adult themes On temporary hiatus :(
Note: Based on this prompt


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