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I'm going to do something with the 'Jakku City has epic storms in the winter' thing I've mentioned before. And because I'm in Nicholas Sparks land with this, I think that 'huddling together for warmth' is an option. As is 'stuck in a boat' or 'snowed in without power.'

Ok, totally that last one. YASSSSS. They get snowed in, the power goes out, and they're stuck. Luckily Luke has a fireplace, multiple space heaters, and Rey knows how to mess with electricity. Or maybe it'll be in Rey's apartment.

I need to develop that location more...Right now she doesn't even have a BED.

I've pinned a couple things on Pinterest, so I have a good design in mind for Rey's pad... <3

However, Luke and Rey aren't close enough for their sort-of relationship to survive IKEA, so she'll prob go with Finn and Poe.

Meanwhile, the situation with Kylo and work continues to suck. The chapter I'm working on right now will be where she gets praise from this higher ups at work, pissing off Kylo, mostly because one of the people she's impressed is Hux.

I'm REALLY tempted to write in some Kylux of the messed-up variety.

Yep, that's all...I should really sleep now...

Date: 2016-08-22 08:20 am (UTC)
key_sama: Rose (Rose)
From: [personal profile] key_sama
I think I'm late, but Happy Fan Fiction Writers Appreciation Day! <3 <3 <3 I don't know if they contacted you, but I recced some of your fic for the Rey edition of the Trash Compacter Podcast! Fic recs are going to be in part two (part one is out now if you want to listen) but September's coming soon so I guess we'll see shortly. ;)

Date: 2016-08-23 10:01 pm (UTC)
key_sama: Quiet Robot (Default)
From: [personal profile] key_sama
Here's a copy paste of my original email and their response!

My email:
Hey, just thought I'd mention Luke/Rey is a thing (and my favorite!) before your podcast on Rey comes out. There's only 56 fics on A03 for them as of this writing and my favorites are Young Jedi from goodgirl_astray and nearly anything written by Lightpoint (full disclosure, some are fills of my kink meme prompts!) I also have to mention Lightpoint's Rey/Sidious series The Rule of Two, where Rey finds one of Palpatine's cloned bodies while scavenging. The last thing I have is the only Darth Maul/Rey I know of, For a Jedi by NeurotropicAgentX

I hope this is enough basic info, I just listened to your episodes last night and knew I'd kick myself if I didn't at least mention some of the lesser known Rey parings (I love Reylo too but there's no shortage of them in fandom I think!) and I'm looking forward to hearing what else you guys come up with! Love the show, keep it going!

Luke/Rey (skyrey aka ruke)
A03 tag -*s*Luke%20Skywalker/works
Young Jedi -
You, Me, Ice Cream, and a Bicycle (WIP) -

The Rule of Two -

Darth Maul/Rey
For a Jedi -

Their Response:

Hey! We wanted to say thanks so much for your email! Our Rey episode wound up being two parts, so we're going to mention your recs in the shipping section, which is next month. THanks for sending them!!


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