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So. There IS, in fact, a point to the whole 'Road' plot arc. However, I'm worried that it might look too much like a Trapped By Mountain Lions situation.

Ok, first off, Jakku is not a nice place. I discussed Rey's self-defense strategies in an earlier post. I concluded that in canon, she uses a staff as (we assume) her primary weapon because she is relatively safe in town.

I propose a secondary reason: she doesn't want to kill.

In fact, she avoids it whenever possible. The first time she did it in TFA was on Takodana, and was in that firefight in the woods: self defense. In Counting Days I have it happen when she was 15, also self-defense, against the two pirates who came after her with blasters and almost shot her. Her reputation as a good in-fighter keeps petty criminals away, usually, but it's implied that out in the wild it's a different story.

Maybe there's a 'check your weapons at the gate' policy in canon!Niima? We may never know.

Anyhoo...Rey is also smart enough to wiggle her way out of most corners, and most with possible malicious intent (hi Vona) won't attack her directly, especially not in town, where she's under Plutt's protection, and the Militia is out and watching everyone.

The 'Road' is a different story - she's never been cornered like this before. It *is* canon that Rey has to watch out for outlaws in the desert. The OC raiders in the Ravager cross the Moral Event Horizon numerous times, between the slaving, the killing, and Cerebos attacking Rey multiple times (starting in the Road arc).

Basically, she's going to need to use lethal force to get out alive. And the seed is planted. So...*Character Development* ;_;

This will come back later, after she starts training with Sidious. Cerebos, while still alive, doesn't have nearly as much power as he had before the 'Road' plot arc, but is still a blight on the planet. Remember what happened with Anakin in Episode III, and Luke in Episode VI?

Cerebos is going to be Rey's Darth Tyrannus...aka Count Dooku, that Anakin kills in cold blood in RotS.

There will be some sort of skirmish - perhaps armed citizens team up and hit what's left of the raiders in the Ravager, and suddenly it's just Sidious, Rey, and Cerebos. He's broken and pathetic. Rey's task is to kill him. And Characterization Marches On.

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