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2016-10-27 03:38 pm
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Luke/Rey Site!!

Heyyyy anyone following/lurking! Key_sama made a Luke/Rey Imzy site!

Every ship needs a port of call, you see ^___^

Link here!

Come show love!
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2016-10-16 10:54 am

Art Post again: Counting Days

Heyyyy it's more are for the Rule of Two! Multiple pics behind the cut, all worksafe:

Counting Days Pics )
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2016-10-10 01:29 pm
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You, Me, Ice Cream, and a Bicycle Cover Art

I finally settled on some art. Did this in Autodesk.
ymicb cover photo ymicbcover.png
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2016-10-08 10:16 pm

Rey's Dreams

So I was watching that fan theory video about Rey being Palpatine's granddaughter, and something occurred to me. Besides the obvious 'damn it if it's true then the 'Rule of Two' series just got even MORE disturbing'...

You know the 'ocean and island' thing that Kylo finds in her head when he's digging around in there? The vid suggests that it's there because she's seen it before, before somebody dropped her on Jakku to hide her.

But that doesn't necessarily mean she's seen it before. It could mean that she's PRECOGNITIVE. Very, very precognitive...Like Palpatine, who is stated in several sources to be this (and says it himself, all the 'I have forseen it' stuff). It's also implied that strong precognition is one of those weird rare Force things - you know how Anakin's dreams about his Mom were basically dismissed by Obi-Wan? Precog is so rare that it never even crossed Obi's mind that they might be actual visions...

...Also, the 1st/2nd season of 'Heroes' pulled this with Peter's Mom - we got an eeeny hint in S1 because Peter sucked up his Mom's prophetic dream gift first. Just sayin' that introducing precog stuff subtly is a narrative tactic that's been done before.

I've already gone into her affinity for the Dark Side on this blog a few times, so consider all that, too.

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2016-09-10 11:13 am

Counting Days Illustrations: Rey Sketch

Just a quick sketch of Rey in one of her Jakku outfits <3

 photo 0816c8df-1bbc-4098-b52b-041a3f03a15d.png
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2016-09-09 08:40 pm

Jakku Map for Counting Days, Version 2

I sketched out a 'High Res Zoom' of the action stuff in the 'The Road' plot arc. It's simple, but focuses in on what Rey does versus the big picture:

Jakku Map 2 photo Jmap2.png

The red line is Cerebos' raid party :P
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2016-09-09 08:25 pm

YMICB Illustrations :O

My trend of illustrating my own fanfic continues! This hasn't happened yet, obviously...

Cut for a spoiler-y pic, Rey/Luke, kinda NSFW )
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2016-08-28 12:50 pm

Counting Days: The Raider OCs

So. There IS, in fact, a point to the whole 'Road' plot arc. However, I'm worried that it might look too much like a Trapped By Mountain Lions situation.

Raider OCs, the Dark Side, and Rey's Sith Training )

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2016-08-28 10:36 am

Indulge Notes: Themes

Ok, I'm considering expanding 'Indulge' a little bit. You can blame some of this on watching a 'Let's Play' of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. O_O

Themes in Indulge...Meaning the 7 Deadly Sins )

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2016-08-23 11:49 am


So I'm watching Markiplier's Dead Space 'Let's Play' series (yeah, all of them), and Dead Space 3 has the 'scavenger bot.'



...I think you all know what I'm thinking.

Isaac and Rey are basically BAMF-y Space MacGyvers. And you know that there'd be Necromorph pwnage if she ever saw any.

Isaac: REMOVE THE LIMBS *plasma cutter*
Rey: BITCH PLEASE *lightsabers that shit*
Isaac: >:D >:D >:D

Perhaps I should re-think my Star Wars/Event Horizon crossover. Because Star Wars/Dead Space would rock too.

It would rock so hard. And I can work with the whole 'the Markers are Sith Weapons' or 'the Dark Side did it because the Dark Side is a dick' thing.

...The fact that Isaac is now on my ***Silver Fox Crush List*** doesn't hurt, either :3 Then again having him and Luke in the same story might be overkill...



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2016-08-22 11:27 am
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2016-08-03 10:41 am

Counting Days Illustrations: Chapter 2 part 2

Another illustration, this time for when Rey finds Sidious and switches to the red light:

 photo 819e3c58-0636-4698-9f61-ded63fdf2d31.png
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2016-07-28 09:15 pm

Rule of Two Post-TFA Intro

The setup for What Happens after Counting Days and Edge of Night. Cut for spoilers:

Working Title: Echo in the Blood )

...Yeah it's basically TFA, but with undercover Sith. >:) It's coming when I finish Counting Days. MUAHAHAHA!
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2016-07-24 10:35 pm

Counting Days Illustrations: Chapter 2

Rey finds the dead guys in the bilge...

 photo 3ac5e7d0-7bd4-4373-a699-8a677dba9267.png
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2016-07-13 11:03 am

Indulge Notes: Setting

Reasons Why I Haven't Updated: The Sequel!

Well, I needed to figure out/visualize exactly where Sidious was going to run his newly-minted Apprentice through a 'trial of the flesh,' of sorts. And have a load of fun while doing it ;)

It's going to be part 'accept this aspect of your wants and part 'you need to master them.' Kind of like in chapter 2. But WHERE was this going to happen was my big question.

Don't click if you don't want to know )
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2016-07-12 06:28 pm

Counting Days: Road War Map

So one of the reasons that chapter 5 of Counting Days has been so long in coming (besides getting the Reywalker bug HARD), is that I had to figure out where in the actual Hell everything on Jakku is located. And some of it is still unclear. Seriously, even with Wookiepedia and Google in my arsenal, I could only really do some approximate locations for a lot of these. But I did the best I could, with the help of a pad of paper, a pencil, and a lot of erasing.

Here's the end result, after some editing in Autodesk. Note that is is very, very NOT TO SCALE:

jakku map photo Jakkumap.png

I was hoping to find a map online, so I wouldn't have to do this, but, no...

Luckily, I was able to put the Gorgon wherever I wanted. There are 7 major action contact points, and now hopefully I can use the visual aid to bang it out. YAY.
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2016-07-11 10:07 pm

New AU?

Yeesh, I have to stop doing this - I'm thinking of adding a few more one-shots in the same AU as Black Tie. Tentative title: *The Trust Fund Babies* AU. Or maybe *One-Percenters*, or *Noblesse Oblige* or something where everything is crazy and melodramatic and scandalous and everyone is independantly wealthy.

...That's my backstory for Black Tie, by the way.
More details under the cut LOL )

Ok, fuck it, it's the Noblesse Oblige AU.


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2016-07-10 07:03 pm
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YMICB: Thoughts on Rey, Part 1

Rey's Career and Stuff )

Let's just say that Rey's path forward is going to get rocky.