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Reasons Why I Haven't Updated: The Sequel!

Well, I needed to figure out/visualize exactly where Sidious was going to run his newly-minted Apprentice through a 'trial of the flesh,' of sorts. And have a load of fun while doing it ;)

It's going to be part 'accept this aspect of your wants and part 'you need to master them.' Kind of like in chapter 2. But WHERE was this going to happen was my big question.

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So one of the reasons that chapter 5 of Counting Days has been so long in coming (besides getting the Reywalker bug HARD), is that I had to figure out where in the actual Hell everything on Jakku is located. And some of it is still unclear. Seriously, even with Wookiepedia and Google in my arsenal, I could only really do some approximate locations for a lot of these. But I did the best I could, with the help of a pad of paper, a pencil, and a lot of erasing.

Here's the end result, after some editing in Autodesk. Note that is is very, very NOT TO SCALE:

jakku map photo Jakkumap.png

I was hoping to find a map online, so I wouldn't have to do this, but, no...

Luckily, I was able to put the Gorgon wherever I wanted. There are 7 major action contact points, and now hopefully I can use the visual aid to bang it out. YAY.


Jul. 11th, 2016 11:05 pm
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So it seems that the ancient Sith Empire...
sith photo sith empire sigil.jpg


chaos photo chaos.jpg

I randomly discovered this while digging through Pinterest for inspiration for a multi-chaptered fic I'm planning. It's a crossover/fusion with Event Horizon. Which has apparently been adopted by the Warhammer 40k fandom as an unofficial prequel. About a descent into Chaos.

This is pretty much the best coincidence ever. It's borderline cosmic.

The working title, by the way, of this crazy thing is Rough Beast.
Pinterest board here.

New AU?

Jul. 11th, 2016 10:07 pm
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Yeesh, I have to stop doing this - I'm thinking of adding a few more one-shots in the same AU as Black Tie. Tentative title: *The Trust Fund Babies* AU. Or maybe *One-Percenters*, or *Noblesse Oblige* or something where everything is crazy and melodramatic and scandalous and everyone is independantly wealthy.

...That's my backstory for Black Tie, by the way.
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Ok, fuck it, it's the Noblesse Oblige AU.


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Rey's Career and Stuff )

Let's just say that Rey's path forward is going to get rocky.
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YMICB Chapter 7 is up. Whew. It's about 6000 almost 7000 words long. WHY. *dead*

Actually I'm considering breaking it into 2 chunks now, to make the narrative 'feel' less clunky, but it kinda feels like it'd be a faux pas, because I already posted it. :P

I think there's a pacing issue. BUT:

I have a note about Rey's character arc: She's not going to move in with Luke in chapter 8. In fact, she's going to get her own bed, her own furniture, and get her place squared away. And work on that book collection.

...Not that she won't be over there a lot. And vice versa. But I think it's important for her to do that, to forge her own peace, and be happy in her own skin.

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But she does need to heal up a bit...And in the meantime, let the alarm clock battles BEGIN!
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Luke and Rey...*hugs them*
 photo c984dc3a-b006-4285-9889-8c489efe7ba7.png

The Trio, best friends forever!
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Here's an illustration for my fanfic series The Rule of Two. I did it with Autodesk on my tablet, and modded some of the contrast and color saturation stuff in photobucket:

 photo 55082d35-5c3b-41a6-bd09-fd51501cac1e.png
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I may 'orphan' something I just posted. Because it is fucking with my head and I don't want to look at it anymore. I was only half kidding about the bleach shower.

So why in the everliving FUCK did I write that?

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I'm watching Bleak House on Amazon Prime - the version of it with Gillian Anderson. It's making me remember stuff I learned about Charles Dickens in high-school English...Namely that his work was serialized in newspapers and magazines (he was paid by the word). People were rabid for the stories. Watching Bleak House, I am just imagining the epic ship wars that must've ensued in the back alleys of Victorian Londen...Take your pick of ship.

The screen cuts and parody-worthy, whooshing close-ups also remind me how Bleak House was, essentially, Victorian pop culture fodder, 'low art'. There's melodrama, rich people behaving badly, crime and punishment, nefarious lawyers, noble poverty-stricken Londoners, despicable poverty-stricken Londoners, a virtuous young woman of dubious parentage (Esther), who is the locus of a love triangle and picked up an obsessive stalker in the first 20 minutes of the show, and a grande dame with a dark secret (Lady Dedlock).

Also I'm smirking at the modern parallels, particularly Richard's educational switches. The more things change...

Mainstream publications still do this today, but reading the paper or subscribing to a magazine isn't as ubiquitous as it was in the 1800s. People do it, but not everyone.

One of the best analogues, I think, is television - it's gotten to the point that when a new Game of Thrones episode comes out, almost everyone is talking about it, even mainstream news sites. I suppose that's why Dickens' work lends itself really well to television - it's episodic, and meant to keep the audience coming back for more (buy more papers).

However, in modern literature, fanfiction is practically the successor to the old-school serial. On AO3 and you can subscribe to an author, or put a watch on a story so you don't miss any updates.

Yeah, that sounded pretentious...But keep in mind that stuff like Bleak House, A Tale of Two Cities, and Great Expectations were all just entertainment when they were originally published. Yeah, fanfic isn't going to get the Dickens treatment, but I kinda like the fact that 'the serial' LIVES STILL, LIVES ON THE INTERNET!! I think Dickens would be pleased :)
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I had another brainwave today.

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Darth Sidious is a tough character to work with. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do with him is make him too nice... Well, genuinely nice. If he's good to anyone, there needs to be a reason. 'Counting Days' is kind of a strange fic, in that it's 100% Rey's POV, so she only sees what he wants her to first. She figures out that her new friend isn't quite what he appears to be, but by the time she realizes what's up, he's a part of her life.

They do, however, become a team, of sorts. There are always two, after all...

Here's some notes on Sidious. Some of it is my comments-section brainstorming.

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So I've been brainstorming Counting Days a lot. It's going to be longer and a lot more'granular' than Edge of Night because Rey's POV is 1. Rather methodical in nature - she has an 'Engineer Brain' 2. I have to pull off a realistic alignment shift and 3. Show some of the factors that influenced her decisions in Edge of Night.

Here's a sort-of rough notes list on Rey, some of which happened in the comments section of both fics in the series...Brainstorming, yo!!

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