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Reasons Why I Haven't Updated: The Sequel!

Well, I needed to figure out/visualize exactly where Sidious was going to run his newly-minted Apprentice through a 'trial of the flesh,' of sorts. And have a load of fun while doing it ;)

It's going to be part 'accept this aspect of your wants and part 'you need to master them.' Kind of like in chapter 2. But WHERE was this going to happen was my big question.

I eventually settled on the ruins of the Imperial Palace. Yes, the New Republic in the EU re-appropriated it as the seat of government...But in the new canon the they move the capitol around from planet to planet as a show of non-partisanship. So what, exactly, happened to the palace? That's a lot of expensive real estate on Coruscant.

I have decided that, thirty years later, it's now part museum, part apartment complex, part luxury resort, complete with timeshares, multi-million/billion-credit suites, five star service, a full-time staff...It's basically the palace, except it's now making a shit ton of money.

Granted, a lot of people think it's in very poor taste...Such as Luke Skywalker, because the palace itself was built on the ruins of the Jedi Temple. :(

So how does Sidious manage to get in?

Coruscant, as we all know from the movies and EU, is almost 100% urbanized (except for the Manarai mountains). There are sub, sub, sub, and more sub-levels to literally every building. The palace is no exception. There's a lot of stuff in there that the New Republic and the palace's new owners never found.

Also, Sidious has many billions of credits in his super-secret still-sealed private bank account on Muunilist. That's 30 years of compounded interest on top of what was already an unimaginable sum. So he's able to legitimately get some real estate there.


1: Purchase 2 floors.
2: Get them furnished.
3: Straighten out the sub-levels where all the secret Sith stuff is.
4. Indulge Rey (and himself)
5. Walk her down to the Sith levels. Commence testing.
6. Indulge AGAIN.
7. Wash, rinse, repeat...

It'll take a little bit to get it out of his system. There will probably be torture training too.

My question to myself is whether or not to have her get more conflicted over some of this (especially the torture stuff). She's an extremely dark shade of grey on the D&D alignment scale at this point.

Rey = Lawful Evil or Pure Neutral.
Sidious = Neutral Evil with a dash of Chaotic Evil (the Sith sorcery basically requires it, as does some of Dun Moch).

If I follow the Redemption road, she'll slip into Lawful Neutral, and then to Chaotic Good.

BTW in this 'verse I'm going with Luke = Neutral Good.

For reference:
Pre-Vader Anakin = Chaotic Good
Vader: Lawful Evil
Post-Vader Anakin: Neutral Good
Padme: Lawful Good
Obi-Wan: Lawful Good
Qui-Gon: Neutral Good
Mace Windu: Lawful Good...But if Anakin hadn't acted, my headcanon is that he'd have jumped to Lawful Neutral, or even Lawful Evil...I want to see a Dark!Mace fic.

LOL I am such a nerd O_O


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