lightpoint: sidious and rey portrait (rule of 2 portrait)
Heyyyy it's more are for the Rule of Two! Multiple pics behind the cut, all worksafe:

Counting Days Pics )
lightpoint: sidious and rey portrait (rule of 2 portrait)
I sketched out a 'High Res Zoom' of the action stuff in the 'The Road' plot arc. It's simple, but focuses in on what Rey does versus the big picture:

Jakku Map 2 photo Jmap2.png

The red line is Cerebos' raid party :P
lightpoint: portrait of rey with color adjustment (rey portrait sharp)
Ok, seriously canon!Rey...A STAFF? As your only weapon? On an obviously dangerous planet?

Cut for thoughts on canon Rey's questionable self-defense practices which kinda actually DO kinda make sense with the Disney narrative )
lightpoint: sidious and rey portrait (rule of 2 portrait)
So one of the reasons that chapter 5 of Counting Days has been so long in coming (besides getting the Reywalker bug HARD), is that I had to figure out where in the actual Hell everything on Jakku is located. And some of it is still unclear. Seriously, even with Wookiepedia and Google in my arsenal, I could only really do some approximate locations for a lot of these. But I did the best I could, with the help of a pad of paper, a pencil, and a lot of erasing.

Here's the end result, after some editing in Autodesk. Note that is is very, very NOT TO SCALE:

jakku map photo Jakkumap.png

I was hoping to find a map online, so I wouldn't have to do this, but, no...

Luckily, I was able to put the Gorgon wherever I wanted. There are 7 major action contact points, and now hopefully I can use the visual aid to bang it out. YAY.


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