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Welcome to my writing journal! Frankly I've noticed that I've been having a lot of chats about writing stuff...So I've decided to start to throw some of my more extensive/epic thoughts in here so I can get my urge to write giant authors notes out of my system ^_^ This post will be sitting on top for awhile, in classic blogger 'read this first' fashion.

I'll be tagging by story.

The Current Fic List )
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I finally settled on some art. Did this in Autodesk.
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My trend of illustrating my own fanfic continues! This hasn't happened yet, obviously...

Cut for a spoiler-y pic, Rey/Luke, kinda NSFW )
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Rey's Career and Stuff )

Let's just say that Rey's path forward is going to get rocky.
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YMICB Chapter 7 is up. Whew. It's about 6000 almost 7000 words long. WHY. *dead*

Actually I'm considering breaking it into 2 chunks now, to make the narrative 'feel' less clunky, but it kinda feels like it'd be a faux pas, because I already posted it. :P

I think there's a pacing issue. BUT:

I have a note about Rey's character arc: She's not going to move in with Luke in chapter 8. In fact, she's going to get her own bed, her own furniture, and get her place squared away. And work on that book collection.

...Not that she won't be over there a lot. And vice versa. But I think it's important for her to do that, to forge her own peace, and be happy in her own skin.

Cut for thoughts on stuff that might actually happen )

But she does need to heal up a bit...And in the meantime, let the alarm clock battles BEGIN!
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Luke and Rey...*hugs them*
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The Trio, best friends forever!
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